Scots paint the sporting world tartan

Football might not be our forte but while our tartan athletes battle for a place in the World Cup 2018, Scotland proves we can dominate other sports.

CYCLING 14570527_1794890730758738_7758995297401033822_o

Grant Ferguson, 21, has peddled a long way from Peebles.  The Scot is a shoe in for the Olympics and has enough meddles to back that up.

Ruaridh Cunningham, 27, from Galashiels won the Junior World Title Champ in 2007 and hasn’t stopped winning since.

In 2015 the Scot won first prize in Scottish DH Champs Ae Forest and also took home the gold in the UK Redbull Hardline.

Fort William will host the third round of the 4x ProTour for the World Cup will be hosted this June.


Frigid seas, enormous swells and a chance of frost bite have only made Scottish surfers even harder.

Fraserburgh Scot, Chris Noble, 41, has become a legend in Scottish Surf. The tartan surfer was Scotland’s Surf Champion in 2014 and 2015. His plight of being the first surfer to hold the title for three years was stubbed out by 2016 champion, Mark Cameron.

Mark Cameron, 37, won gold at the year’s Scottish national Championship. This isn’t the first win for this gnarly Scot, he surfed towards 1st place in 2012 as well.

Mark ‘Boydie’ Boyd from Thurso, won silver in the 2015 Scottish Surf Championship and has been making waves overseas.

SKIING short-term-rentals-barkly-east-the-hayloft_10

Skiing is usually dominated by the French but Scots are sliding in to the competitive scene.

Emma Carrick-Anderson, 40, from Stirling is a huge name in Ski and has been dubbed Britain’s top Slalom Skier.

Britain’s top female skier for 15 years running, this Scot has more meddles than most. She represented Britain in the Olympics four times and has finished in the top 20 at the World Cup numerous times.

Another Scot that will go down in Ski history is Alain Baxter, 42, unfortunately maybe not for the right reasons.

The Scot won bronze in the 2002 Winter Olympics. When the victorious Olympian returned home to Scotland to celebrate, he was found guilty of drug use and stripped of his medal.

So while we might not be anywhere near the German standard for football, Scotland is dominating everywhere else.


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