Live: America decides

Two candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have been going head to head in the campaign. Tonight we will find out who is going to be the 45th President of United States of America. Join us for live coverage.

Donald Trump projected as the President of United States of America


Clinton wins Nevada

Trump 238

Clinton 215


New Hampshire, Michigan, Pennsylvania still too close to call. Votes counting underway



Clinton and Trump head to head in Pennsylvania 48.2% for both candidates


US stock down as Donald Trump opens path to White House

This is a bad night for Obama too. No continuity for his policy


Trump wins in Iowa. Trump 238 Clinton 209

President Donald Trump looks likely. Clinton loosing Pennsylvania


Clinton’s supporters in shock. Some cry, some even leave the HQ in NYC


Trump is getting closer to the White House

New Hampshire may play a crucial role in 2016 elections but it is too early to call


Trump wins Georgia (16 votes)

Trump 232

Clinton 209

Trump wins 22 states, Clinton 16


Trump 216

Clinton 209

Washington goes to Clinton

Victory in Florida makes Trump a clear favourite to win 2016 Presidential Elections


Trump wins Florida with 29 electoral votes. But the gap is very small.

Trump 216

Clinton 197


Both candidates so close in Michigan, Iowa taken by Trump


Clinton wins Oregon, Nebraska goes to Trump

Clinton still ahead 197 Trump 187


Key state North Carolina goes red for Trump

Clinton 190

Trump 186


Michigan, Wisconsin goes to Trump

Worldwide markets affected by uncertainty in America


Clinton 190 Trump 171

California goes to Clinton, Trump leads in Arizona

Some positives about 2016 elections

5 mins until polls in five western states close


Trump 167 Clinton 131

CNN projects Colorado will go to Cinton


Trump wins Ohio, Clinton wins Virginia


Michigan goes to Trump, Wisconsin as well


Trump 167 votes Clinton 109


Trump wins key state Ohio. Trump takes lead in: Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, New Hampshire, Clinton ahead over Trump in: Virginia,Colorado, Iowa, Pennsylvania,


CNN projects: Trump will win Montana, key states still too early to call

It is becoming red on the electoral map!


Both candidates need 270 electoral votes to win. Projection: Trump 139 Clinton 104


It is a nail-biter in Florida


Dow Futures down nearly 500 points


Trump wins: Florida, North Carlina, Ohio,Georgia, New Hampshire Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona Clinton wins: Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania,


Next polls are closing now: Iowa, Nevada, Utah

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Louisiana seems to be a red state and gives Trump 8 more votes. That’s us at the halfway point – 25 states projected and Trump leads 137-104. It’s still an early race though…


So far in the popular vote, Clinton has taken 46% of the votes and Trump has 50%. Bear in mind that many states that Clinton is expected to take are still voting or still counting. Still, not great news for the Democrats…

If you imagine Connecticut is blue and Arkansas is red then this is an up to date map of how America is looking so far tonight. Again, still a long way to go…



ABC have projected a few more states – Arkansas is Trump country. That takes the Republican to 129.

Clinton takes Connecticut to take her total to 104.


ABC projects six more states for Trump and the one – New York – for Clinton.

Trump has taken Texas, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming bringing his total 123 electoral votes to Clinton’s 97.

More states to close which means more states to project results. Will a clearer picture emerge?

Florida keeps flip-flopping back between Trump and Clinton. No matter who is leading it has been 49-48 the whole time. It’s worth 29 electoral votes so it could be a major player…

It’s Trump with the narrow lead in the Orange State as of right now but it could and likely will change before the end.


Trump is projected to win Alabama – that brings his tally to 66, just two behind Clinton.

This is how America is being painted after 14 states’ results being called. A lot of white to fill in though…


Trump is projected to win Tennessee and South Carolina

This brings his tally to 57, eleven behind Clinton’s 68.

Former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio is back in the Senate in Florida



Clinton projected for victories in New Jersey, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, Illinois and Rhode Island.

Trump takes Mississippi and Oklahoma.

Clinton takes the lead with 68, Trump has 37

Hello, a slight change of personnel for next couple of hours as Veronica takes a well earned break. I’m Stuart and I will be your guide for the next two hours of this historic US election. More results are due soon.

Results are still very early


Trump a definite winner in Indiana


Trump wins Florida, the difference is very little



Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina too early to call


Trump wins Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia, Clinton wins Vermont


Polls in North Carolina, Ohio, close


Clinton takes over Florida


Trump wins Georgia

Florida: Trump 49.1%, Clinton  48.2%


Trump wins Florida, Clinton wins Vermont


Some voting extended in key North Carolina county due to earlier computer problems



Clinton wins Vermont, Trump: Kentucky and Indiana


Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina too early to call


Polls close in next 6 states.


It becomes hotter for both candidates as  polls in 6 states close in less than 3 mins

Old friends yesterday racing to the White House today…


Next polls close in 30 mins.

Latest: Early results

Kentucky (8 electoral votes) Trump 68.3% Clinton 28.1%,

Indiana (11 electoral votes) Trump 70.1% Clinton 26.1%



Preliminary exit polling data shows that one in five Clinton voters said they chiefly oppose the other candidate, and 27% of Trump supporters said the same.

Turnout rates among Republicans, Democrats and Independents look like they’ll be comparable to 2012 based on this very early information.


A suit has just been filed with a superior court in North Carolina calling for an emergency order to force the state board of election to keep the Durham County polling places open until 9pm tonight. Voting has been severely disrupted there by a county-wide failure of voting machines, and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice that has brought the lawsuit says that polling times should be extended to make up for that.

If the suit is successful that could push back the outcome of the North Carolina vote which is hotly contested by Clinton and Trump late into the evening.

Latest: Colorado’s statewide voter registration systems are down. Colorado is a same-day registration state, which means that for those who are arriving at their polling stations with the intent to register and vote, they are being provided with provisional ballots.

10.35 pm

There have been  reports of several problems, from long lines to faulty technology and sporadic reports of intimidation.


Voters in Miami


As America decides about its future  we are just hours from finding out who is going to be the next president. Clinton or Trump? Trump or Clinton? First polls close at Stay with us for live updates!

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