You elected Donald Trump: A letter to America, from Scotland

Dear America,

You have elected Donald Trump as President of your country, what were you thinking?

We thoroughly enjoyed watching the electoral campaigns on both sides, what a ride. It made for an excellent pantomime: Hillary Clinton with her robotic face, cheating husband and dodgy internet history (we can all sympathise) and Donald Trump, a man who has his own tower, makes wildly uniformed statements about Muslims and is orange.

When politicians here in Scotland lie they tend do it in a half filled room with other members of parliament who are falling asleep dreaming of the £3.00 meal deal they will claim on expenses later. The idea to is lie and not get caught. Trump and Clinton held rallies with thousands of people in attendance in order to air their mistruths: it’s as if facts held no significance whatsoever.

Mr Trump took a defiant toddler like stance on truth telling; he lied and lied and lied, got found out, then called people stupid. Hilldawg Clinton opted for a more logical tact, she’d tell smaller lies and worm he way out of it with that contagious grimace. During the TV debates fact checkers revealed that a lie was told more than once a minute on average.

Donald Trump is not sane: he thinks nukes are good, he doesn’t believe in Leonardo DiCaprio or climate change, he has serious issues with Mexicans and even worse, he called himself “Mr Brexit”. 62% of Scotland voted to remain in the European Union so the majority of us have a problem with that.

The most alarming  fact from our perspective is that you all knew what you were voting for. This was no dupe. The President Elect tweets like a 13 year old girl who found out her boyfriend has been at the Fro-Yo stand with Maisey from Bateswell High:  he’s sassy, brash and clinically immature.

The alleged sexual assault coupled with strong evidence that Mr Trump believes can do whatever he likes to women because of his status didn’t seem to make a difference. He apologised, and it’s definitely not a reflection of his character, definitely not. The incident happened in 2005, when he was 59 years old.

White male privilege is a reality in America and across the western world. America has a strong preference towards those who are white, male and privileged, clearly – a trio of traits that command respect and scream leadership material: this is part of the problem.

Was Hillary Clinton the answer, a panacea to the ails American people?

Maybe not. But, in a toss up between the two, you should have went with Clinton, that much is obvious. Sometimes democracy doesn’t seem fair but you are supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Have a word with yourselves.


The disappointed nation of Scotland


Here, Scotland’s politicians have their say on Donald Trump.



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