Here’s what Trump’s America could look like


Voters were led to believe that Donald Trump would ‘Make America Great Again’. As votes poured in, the billionaire left opponent Clinton behind in what some have labeled the most intense political battle in US history. In the end, the American people elected business mogul and Republican leader Donald Trump to claim the most powerful position in the world from the Democratic grasp.

Trump’s vision of a new America has been shrouded in controversy. On the one hand, liberal Americans claiming that sexism will now permeate through the air and equality will be a laughable farce for the elite. On the other, right wing Americans praise the man who is not afraid to speak his mind, agreeing that America needs a strong leader who is not governed by widespread political correctness.

So what will a Trump-led USA look like? Here’s EN4News’ breakdown of the new President-elect’s plans.

The Great Divide (Immigration)


Immigration was a focal point of Trump’s campaign. The candidate did, of course, famously state that he “…will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And [he] will have Mexico pay for that wall.” The proposed structure will cover the 2000-mile border, require 339 million cubic feet of concrete and theoretically cost Mexico more than $25 million.

His campaign website also published this ultimatum: “It’s an easy decision for Mexico: make a one-time payment of $5-10 billion to ensure that $24 billion continues to flow into their country year after year,”


Obamacare No More


Trump has been very vocal about his opposition to Obamacare. His website brands the Democratic health plan an “economic burden” that has resulted in “runway costs, greater ration of care and “higher premiums”.

The Republican Party promises to make health care accessible to every American. However, Trump is yet to announce what these plans will be.

Profiling to Paradise (Crime)


2016 has left a dark cloud over America: the ‘Black Lives Matter’ being fuelled by police brutality, a massacre at a gay nightclub in New Orleans; Trump is entering the White House at a time when America is steeped in hate crimes and mourning.

“Our inner cities are a disaster. You get shot walking to the store. They have no education, they have no job.” Trump is yet to clarify how he will solve these issues,  but his love for the police can be seen in the way he labels himself ‘the law and order candidate’.

After the Orlando shooting, Trump claimed that “[He hates] the concept of profiling but we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads.”

His fiery belief for the death penalty has permeated Trump’s speeches a few times, once stating that: “Anybody [that kills] a police officer? Death penalty is going to happen, okay?”

Trump will rule with a harsher fist, but will this ultimately lead to a safer America?

Foreign Policy


Trump has jokingly been referred to as a ‘fan’ of the Russian president, flirting with the idea of introducing an alliance with Russia to ‘ease tensions with Syria’ and commending Putin on his harsh torture techniques.

His admiration flowed into his opinion on NATO, branding the alliance ‘obsolete’ after its deterrence of Russia and during a Trump presidency the States might leave NATO is allies do not pay for the protection of Europe.

Going across to China, Trump’s disdain is not subtle; he labelled China a ‘currency manipulator’, claimed he would strengthen laws against theft of intellectual property, and openly opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

There will be a ban on entrants to America from “terror states and terror nations” and “extreme vetting” of Muslims coming to the U.S until Trump can figure out “what is going on” under the current threat of ISIS.

Trump’s America is very different to today’s. Mr. President-elect’s loud and rash attitude reflects in his strict policies. He claims ‘to Make America Great Again’ and the States will no longer debate and compromise, but will take what it needs and hold no prisoners.

Trump is tired of the PC age and promises to be the leader that does what needs to be done, even if that requires backlash and controversy from half of the great nation.

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