Love Trumps Hate: How America’s minorities are reacting to the result


Minorities in America are showing their fear over their future after Donald Trump plans to reverse what Barack Obama had changed during his time as US President.

African Americans, Mexicans, Hispanics, Muslims, LGBT and the disabled are just a few of the communities across America that are worried about what the future holds for them. Reactions have been so strong that they’ve caused Canada’s immigration website to crash. Similarly, reports are revealing that suicide hotlines throughout the country are busy.


A little over a year ago, the US Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage as legal nationwide but fears are growing that this could be reversed. Trump has been very vocal about his opposition of marriage equality and has recently stated that he would consider appointing justices to overrule the Supreme Court’s decision.

American citizens have taken to twitter in fury over Mike Pence, Vice President Elect who is a supporter of gay conversion therapy and advocates for shock therapy, paid for by the taxpayer.




The Muslim community is also in fear. Trump has pledged to not allow any other Muslims into America temporarily after claiming that they are dangerous and a threat to national security. As extreme Islamophobia is on the rise Stateside, there is distress that the prejudice towards Muslims may get worse as one of the world’s most powerful political figures condones it.



Mexicans are left wondering how they will be treated after being labeled “criminals and rapists” during Trump’s campaign, as well as his promise to build an “impenetrable physical wall” on the border that the Mexican’s will pay for.



First-time voter and Ugandan-American citizen, Amanda Lugg feels that the election will split the country and compares it to Brexit and the fear that it resulted in.


“The disparity in this country between the haves and the have-nots has just grown wider and wider, and with that breeds, breeds so much animosity and fear and results in something like we’re seeing in, in the U.K. right now.”


Barrett Holmes who is an African American feels he has a lot to lose under Trump’s power.


“I would not be surprised if the Voting Rights Act was gutted even further, His racist supporters will feel emboldened to attack and harass African Americans and minorities. KKK members and white nationalists will be proud to show their faces in public and declare their hatred.”


If there is one good thing that has come out of this election for the minorities, it is that they have the support from many all over the world.






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