Arise Sir Andy?



Andy Murray for Knighthood? What do you think?


Andy Murray has had the best season of his career. Fact. Winning Wimbledon is pinnacle for any British tennis player, but to double up and retain Olympic gold in Team GBs most successful Olympic Games ever, that makes him more than a nation’s sweetheart, that makes him a hero. No matter how dull he may come across.

But the question is, where does Murray go from here?

Roger Federer won his final gran slam at age 32, beating Murray in the final of Wimbledon and with Murray turning 30, has he reached his peak?

We hope not.

Looking at his Grand Slam form, Murray reached all but one of the the finals this year, a feat he has never managed previously. Under the guidance of coach Jamie Delgado, we have seen Murray go from strength to strength, long may it continue.

With Novak Djokovic leading the way for the past few years at number one in the ATP world ranking, Murray managed to overturn the Serb’s run of form, and take the top spot out of 2016. Furthermore it looks like Murray is the tope contender for BBC Sports Personality of the year, having won previously in 2013 and 2015.

One of the big questions that hangs over Murray is whether or not he will be knighted. only one British tennis player has ever bee knighted, Sir Norman Brookes in 1939. So, will Andy Murray become the youngest Knight of the Realm? Only Her Majesty will decide.


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