Local Tesco accused of discrimination

Local Tesco supermarket has been accused of discriminating against state school pupils during a queueing debacle.

The store in Bruntfield has come under fire after making local state school students queue outside the shop while private school pupils can come and go as they please.

Boroughmuir pupils have been made to wait behind a barrier while Tesco employees let them enter in small groups. But George Watson’s college students were allowed to enter freely.

The issue was raised when the parent of a Boroughmuir student when he stated it was a “form of discrimination”

He said: “My son is at Boroughmuir. He has to stand in the queue each day. He’s not one to complain but it was getting him down – so we decided to do something. He and his friends are frustrated because they have to wait outside whilst others go ahead of them. Tesco also ‘police’ the door in that they have a person there making sure they queue.”

The discussion began on Twitter and has since grown with Tesco claiming it is due to “private schools having a lesser amount of students”.

Outrage has called for Tesco

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