Man found guilty of murdering MP Jo Cox

Thomas Mair has been found guilty of murder of MP Jo Cox at Old Bailey this afternoon and has been sentenced to life in prison.

A 53-year-old man shot Jo Cox, 41, on the 16th of June in Birstall, West Yorkshire where she was about to hold a constituency surgery.

Mair did not deny committing a crime and showed no emotions on hearing the verdict.

Late Cox’s husband, Brendan Cox, told the Old Bailey he was not there for vengeance and felt “nothing but pity for” Mair. Mr. Cox was joined at the court by his late wife’s parents and her sister Kim.

Mair was also found guilty of obtaining a firearm with the intent of physical harm after previously injuring a 78-year-old, Bernard Kenny, who tried to help the MP.

Judge, Justice Wilkie, said that the assault was associated to white supremacy and Nazi sentiments.  The court found that Mair’s attack was a planned action for which he was preparing and researching his intended victim weeks before.

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