Top 5 things to do in Edinburgh this Christmas

It’s almost a month until Christmas Day, which means that there’s going to be plenty of Yuletide excitement around Edinburgh.  Whether you’re more of an Ebenezer Scrooge than a Santa worshipper, there’s going to be something to suit everybody’s Christmas spirit this winter. Here’s our picks for the best of the festivities over Christmas!


  1. Edinburgh German Market

You’d have to be living under one of the Edinburgh vaults not to have heard of – or at least seen – this one. One of the downsides of Christmas in Edinburgh is the throngs of people on Princes Street. Getting through these crowds for a Bratwurst or a Dutch pancake is no easy feat – elbows at the ready, be prepared to push – but once you get the hang of it, its well worth the bruises. The vibe is irresistible to even to the most jaded of Scots.


2. St Andrew’s Square

If you have kids, this is your best bet for getting a bit of peace and (relative) quiet for half an hour. The ice rink provides at least 25 minutes of children’s entertainment, while you sneak off for a bevy or three. If you don’t have kids, it’s a great spot for an Irish coffee and a crepe, should the mood strike you.


3. Watch Love Actually at the open-air cinema

The Edinburgh University Courtyard Cinema returns to show everyone’s favourite feel-good Christmas movie. Directed by Richard Curtis and starring the woman from the Active ads, it’s a great opportunity to see a classic rom-com on the big screen, in the beautiful courtyard in Edinburgh’s Old College. Wrap up warm with plenty of blankets, though – an hour and a half sitting outside can get mighty chilly.



4. Christmas Dining in Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is opening its doors for a Christmas dining experience like no other. If you’re into your luxury, you’ll be more than pleased with the spread they’ve sorted out. With a menu including red wine-poached halibut and air-dried duck, with a fantastic view of the centre of Edinburgh.


5. Hot Toddy at the Whiski Rooms

While the Whiski Rooms are already pretty famous in Edinburgh, the Whiski Rooms at Christmas are a bit of a different ball game. Decorated with fairy lights and red berries, it’s a great place to come in from the cold and warm up with a hot whiskey. The vibe is too Christmassy for words and the view from the top of the mound is magical.



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