Train journeys from Edinburgh slower than they were in Victorian times

New findings from Scottish Labour have shown that train journeys between Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee are slower today than they were in the 1800s.

Despite trains being powered by steam, journeys took less time then than they do today. In 1895 it took only 57 minutes to Dundee from Edinburgh compared to today where it takes just over an hour.  And from Edinburgh to Perth it took 65 minutes whereas today it takes 72 minutes.

Scotrail have blamed the longer train journeys on the fact that trains have to service more stations in-between the capital and both Perth and Dundee than they did in the 19th Century.

Scottish Labour transport spokesman Neil Bibby said:”While the route has of course changed, it will still amaze passengers that journey times between the capital and Perth and Dundee can be slower than services were in the age of steam.”

Further comments from the transport spokesman suggest never ending delays and cancellations on Scotland’s railways have led to the longer train journey times that we experience now.


Edinburgh Waverly train station

Following the findings opposition parties have called for Transport Minister Humza Yousaf to make an urgent statement to Parliament over proposals to bring Scotland’s railways to public ownership.

The Transport Minister will update Parliament today on the actions being taken to improve Scotland’s rail services and the investments being made in additional seating, carriages and services for passengers in Scotland.

Transport Minister Update




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