Kremlin denies having “compromising information” about President-elect Trump


Donald Trump is at the head of political news agendas again today

Russia has denied claims that they have obtained damaging information about President-elect Donald Trump.

The claims that Russia had obtained  information relating to Trump, involving prostitutes, have been described by a Kremlin spokesman as “pulp fiction” and a “clear attempt to damage relations”.

Donald Trump earlier branded the allegations against him as a “political witch hunt”. It has been reported that compromising information has been leaked through a top British investigator about the President-elect. As well as having information of a personal and sexual nature, the leak also alleges that there was secret communication between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin during the presidential election.

The information had apparently been shown to President-elect Trump and President Obama at a security briefing last week. However the information only started circilating on news websites and on social media in the last 12 hours. The leaked documents were posted on Buzzfeed last night.

Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia has been a topic of discussion throughout his campaign and after he was elected to be the next president of the US. He has branded anyone who opposes good relations with Russia as “fools”.

This is not the first time since Trump has been elected that Russia have been accused of involving themselves in US affairs. It has been reported that Russia orchestrated a cyber-attack against the Clinton campaign during the election, an accusation that Trump no longer denies.

There have been huge concerns regarding Donald Trump’s ethics and the ethics of his team since he has become the president elect, and these recent allegations will certainly add to an ever growing list of scandals involving the newly elected President.

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