5.3 magnitude earthquake hits central Italy


An earthquake in Amatrice killed 297 people in August of last year.

A 5.3 magnitude earthquake has struck the central Italy with tremors felt throughout regions of of Abruzzo, Marche and Lazio at 10:25 local time.

The earthquake struck 104 km north east of Rome according to the US Geological Survey. The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre reports the depth of the quake at 10km. The epicenter of the incident was reported the town of Amatrice. The town experienced another 6.1 magnitude earthquake in August claiming 297 lives.

The second earthquake followed 50 minutes later causing emergency evacuation of local schools and Rome’s metro system. 5.7 magnitude on Richter’s scale caused panic in the city center. 10 minutes later Italy was hit by the third earthquake today. Much of the region is covered by snow disrupting the work of emergency services.

European -Mediterranean Seismological Centre reported no injuries or deaths caused by quakes. Also, they did not cause any severe damage to county’s infrastructure.

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