Callander – a town of mysterious beauty


Found on the easterly outskirts of the Trossachs National Park, the quaint little town of Callander is nestled comfortably in between the Bracklinn Falls to the South and the wide expanse of farmland on the other side of the River Teith.

Callander is home to one of the best bakeries Scotland has to offer, where you can indulge in delicious homemade pies, mouth-watering artisan breads, scrumptious chocolate tarts and luscious apple pastries.

To recover from the inevitable food-induced coma from the bakeries smorgasbord of temptations, take a hearty stroll through the town centre- making sure to pop into the various charity shops along the main street, following the main path that snakes its way up towards the mountain tops to see some of the most picturesque views in Scotland.


Climbing through forestry to the quiet upper glen, you find a narrow footpath that is hidden amongst the woods behind the town. Following the mossy overgrown pathway you feel yourself become a part of a fantastical world, similar to that of Tolkien’s fantasy adventure.

As you tread through the damp yet brightly lit undergrowth, you find yourself in a clearing that leads to a bridge. The spectacular wooden structure arches over the Bracklinn Falls where the bubbling stream cascades over the rocks, catching the sunlight perfectly to reflect on the leaves of the trees- creating a gold and auburn glow. The colour of the peat-tinged water seems mesmerising and many a passerby has spent a long time standing on the bridge, gazing into the murky depths of the gorge below.

Ensnaring hundreds of tourists from around the world, the stunning scenery and awe-inspiring landscapes mesmerises all who pass by. Formed 390 million years ago, the remarkable rocky ledge of the Callander Crags stretch right across Scotland, but it is from the Bracklinn Falls that its beauty can be observed from the best.

Following the circuit trail through the vast, misty lands of Stirlingshire, you walk through swampy undergrowth until you reach back around to the car park located on the edge of the idyllic town centre. From here your journey will snake its way through the park, past Loch Lomond and some peculiar little villages dotted along the waterfront, looking north towards Glencoe and Spean Bridge, its hard not to lose yourself in the natural beauty that the Scottish countryside has to offer. Callander may not be one of the most well known destinations on the map, but it certainly is one of the most beautiful.

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