David Sneddon: where is he?

Remember David Sneddon? Probably not. He was the fresh faced, spikey haired Glaswegian singer songwriter who won the first series of BBC singing competition Fame Academy, earning himself a £1 million recording contract.

He remains to date the only reality show winner to compose their own number one single with “Stop Living the Lie” released in 2003. A year later, Sneddon turned his back on the limelight, vanishing never to be seen again.

Until, in 2010 it was revealed New York singer, Lana Del Ray had an unlikely collaborator on her latest album “Born to Die” none other than David Sneddon of Fame Academy fame. The pair met and composed “National Anthem” one of the best songs featured on Del Ray’s chart topping album.


Sneddon forged his song writing career with guitarist James Bauer-Mein, they formed a production company called “the Nexus”. After working on a Newton Faulkner album in 2013 the production company merged with 365 production management, at this point the trail runs cold.

Post 2013, no new information has surfaced about the man who received 3.5 million votes on Fame Academy. OK magazine celebrated his achievements in 2016 but this didn’t include any data which can verify Dave’s existence beyond 2013.

The tabloid press hounded Dave after he’d  won Fame Academy, painting an ugly picture of the Paisley born singer who did not adjust well to becoming a celebrity. His problems came to a head when it was reported he had assaulted a member of the bar staff at a London club (probably over drink prices).

Could the dark side of David be the one thing stopping him from using his undeniable talents as song writer or does he simply live by his own means on a farm, somewhere in Renfrewshire? Another theory to entertain is that “Snedz” used a portion of his considerable song writing fee from Lana Del Ray to take out a lengthy super injunction against all UK press.

Even still, that would not explain such a void. Several conspiracy theories are gaining in credibility. Some say David lives in Ed Sheeran’s basement; it’s the only explanation for the sheer volume of finger clicking music Ed has produced over the last year.

We have launched a search campaign for David Sneddon, the Scot’s national treasure on twitter

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