Former US President George Bush Sr. Admitted to Hospital


George Bush Senior was taken to hospital today, reports have said.

The former president of the United States suffers from a form of Parkinson’s Disease, rendering him unable to walk unaided. In 2015, his health was in danger once again when he was rushed to hospital after a fall at his summer home.

The concern this time is unclear, but reports have claimed that he is ‘doing fine’ and is expected to be discharged from Houston Medical Hospital in the next few days.

George Bush Sr. served as the 41st President of the USA between 1989 and 1993 after serving as vice president under Ronald Reagan in the previous term. His son, George Bush Jr, became the 43rd president and served two terms. His other son, Jeb Bush, ran for the Republican candidacy in 2016 but lost to the current president elect, Donald Trump.


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