Mobile network provider fined £2.7m by Ofcom

Mobile network provider EE was charged with £2.7 m by communications watchdog Ofcom, for overcharging thousands of its customers.

Ofcom found that EE breached the rules of billing on two different occasions.

First, customers trying to reach the company’s customer services on number 150 from within the European Union were charged as if they were calling to US.  Thus, instead of being charged £0.19p per minute, they were charged £1.20.

The watchdog found that 32, 145 customers were overcharged amounting to £245,000.


EE provides services for around 30 million customers in the UK.

A 150 number has become free to call and text from 18 November 2015, however EE was still charging for these services until 11 January of the same year.

The mobile network provider apologised for mistakes made. Most customers were refunded, nevertheless the company could not identify almost 7, 000 customers who will lose £60,000.

The £2.7m fine will go to the Treasury. And despite EE attempts to bring the good name back by donating £62,000 to charity, Ofcom is pressuring the company to trace all customers that have been charged wrongly for the services.

Ofcom previously has fined £4.6m to another mobile network provider Vodafone for serious breaches of consumer protection rules.

More than 10, 000 Vodafone customers using pay as you go have not received any money after topping up their mobile card over a 17 month period losing £150,000.

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