Snowsports festival set to make massive return to Scottish slopes

When it comes to snow sports, the formula for the perfect skiing holiday has been pretty much set out since its inception into popular demand around the 1940’s- spend the day cutting through swathes of freshly powdered snow high up a mountain in perfect sunshine, surrounded by dazzling scenery. This is usually followed by an evening spent unwinding with a cosy glass of hot chocolate by a roaring fire, allowing your aching muscles crucial time to recover from the brutality they endured in the hunt for that all important adrenaline rush.

For a new breed of snow sports addicts though, the search for thrills and excitement does not stop at the Apres-ski. Thousands of snowboard and ski enthusiasts from around the world are swapping a few quiet beers down the mountain tavern for pounding bass, hypnotic dance music and endless drinking until a new day on the slopes can begin.


Returning for its second year in a row, Groove Cairngorm is fast becoming one of the most important dates on the UK festival calendar. Offering slopes capable of both supporting any beginner through their first tentative slides, to putting a hardened ski-freak through the ringer with its more challenging routes.. In recent years, Scotland have proved to many countries around the globe that not only can it rival slopes such as the Alps in terms of scenery and challenge, but its festivals can pose a threat too.

Launched last year as the UK’s first resort-based snowsports festival, Groove Cairngorm combined winter snowsports with a selection of DJ’s and acoustic acts in perfect harmony to create an event that would rival even some of the Alps’ own. With two on-location stages located up the mountain, followed by an Apres-Ski party until the early hours at Badaguish outdoor centre, Groove Cairngorm offers an exciting new way to tackle some of Scotland’s wildest landscapes.


Basement Jaxx will be headlining the festival this year. (Photos courtesy of Ba

Artists expected to hit the stage this year include Basement Jaxx (DJ Set), Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club, Blonde, Mike Skinner and The 2 Bears. The festival, hosted in partnership with Cairngorm Mountain ltd will run from the 24th-25th February- with tickets ranging from £140 for  full weekend access, to £35 for an Après-Ski day pass, for those who are less “incline” inclined.

CairnGorm Mountain has boasts a reputation of one of the most beautiful – and sometimes challenging – places to ski in the UK, as well as boasting Scotland’s only funicular railway.

It is also Scotland’s most popular resort and is located just a short distance from the main A9 arterial route which runs between Perth and Inverness, meaning you don’t have to be an adrenaline addict to visit the slopes and enjoy the local area.

Whether you’re a skier or not, the ride on the train to the Ptarmigan Top Station is a unique experience with an opportunity to take in fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding area.

For non-skiers, the end of the journey offers a chance to visit Scotland’s highest restaurant, shop, mountain exhibition and viewing terrace or go outside to watch skiing before returning to the base station by the train.

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