Scotland is ‘blazing the trail’ for climate change for the rest of the EU

Scotland is being praised for continuing to improve ambitious renewable energy targets. Our country has big plans for 2020, aiming that 82% of all electricity will be renewable; a scheme to convert motors to electric throughout taxi companies across the country and figures emerging that Scotland produces the least carbon emissions in the energy-effciencyUK.

The 2020 route map for renewable energy in Scotland was published in 2011 and seemingly ambitious targets continue to be met. In 2014, a target was met when figures conveyed that 49.8% of Scotland’s electricity consumption came from renewables, one year ahead of schedule and maintaining well on target for 2020.

In August 2015, the Energy Saving Trust introduced interest free loans of up to £50,000 for motorists looking to purchase an electric or plug-in hybrid. Aiming to reduce the carbon footprint and also for the convenience of the driver, an electric car costs 3p to the mile compared to 15p per mile for the average petrol car. This will aim towards reducing noise and air pollution.

The electric car scheme is being implemented throughout taxi companies, piloted in Dundee. The Dundonian taxi firm, 203020, launched one the UK’s largest electric taxi fleet of 30 Nissan LEAFs, offering zero emissions mobility in a bid to improve air quality after the city was found to have the worst air pollution non the country.

Scotland’s vigilant task to make the country greener was then spurred after Brexit, as the UK government approved fracking despite huge local protest and have moved away from renewable energy. The SNP have called on the UK government to reconsider their policies on renewable energy, branding it as ‘shameful’.

Figures showing that investment in renewable energy could decline by 95% between 2017 and 2020 enraged the SNP, calling for the UK government to fall in Scotland’s ‘blaze trailing’ footsteps with an aim of Scotland to become the EU’s first fully renewable country.


The government are also encouraging the nation to be as pro active as possible in the quest to make the country greener with numerous projects to choose from. Apps are available to download to help the public be involved at a young age, such as Air Pollution Detectives. Two main characters, Maggie and Rabbie, invite children around primary school age what they can do to stop air pollution using fun interactive games. Aiming to make the future generations green.

There are many things that are great about Scotland, our patriotism, second to none, our ability to find humour in everything and also our aim to change our country for the better. To see what you can do to help make our country cleaner click this link:

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