Scotland is More Creative than You might Think – Here’s Why


It could be said that when it comes to the creative industries, Scotland shouts the loudest. Being one of the most vocal opponents of the recent cuts to school arts programs, it is no secret that we are protective over our cultural name. But sometimes the most unique of creative spaces in Scotland are the ones hidden away in the shadows, so we thought we would shed some light on them.

Creative Edinburgh is a name that might not be familiar to you – but its one that will be on the tip of everyone’s tongue pretty soon. With initiatives set up all over the world, Creative Edinburgh was started by a power team consisting of Janine Matheson, Holly Wesley and Rachel Arthur and has been growing ever since. It is the largest network of creatives in Edinburgh and serves to fund creative endeavours and support local entrepreneurs. They host regular “Creative Mornings” with inspirational, motivational speakers whose videos can also be found on their Vimeo channel. With funding for the arts decreasing all over the UK, this kind of initiative is vital for the future of Scotland’s culture.

Another creative space with a twist is The Edinburgh Remakery, a retail space that describes itself as “promoting a sustainable, zero waste culture based in the heart of Leith,” it is a combination of Edinburgh’s vibrant creative aesthetic and its renowned environmentally friendly reputation. They are a company taking donations of old furniture and knick-knacks, transforming them and reworking them. It is a green way to think and a unique way to reuse perfectly viable objects you would otherwise dump in the skip.

Proof of Scotland’s popularity for creatives is all around – in Glasgow, especially. Caitlin McKenna is a artist that hails from Boston, Massachusetts and has planted herself in Scotland to launch her modern calligraphy shop, Brahmin Lettering Co. She is currently opening a shop in Edinburgh where examples of her work can be found in an artisanal, unique space.

There is so much more to explore in Edinburgh’s creative world, but these are just a starting point for showcasing modern millennial Scottish culture.



  1. not just in Edinburgh – Perthshire is really happening too!

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