Seven Bloggers Changing Scotland’s Creative Scene

When thinking of Scotland’s national treasures many things may come to mind, tartan trews, Lorraine Kelly and a leisurely game of golf to name a few. Understandably, an up-and-coming creative community of bloggers may not stick out as a landmark of modern Scottish culture. However Scotland’s internet dwellers are cultivating a cool movement and decorating the country with some digital sparkle. 

Scotland’s fashion and art scenes are both lucrative assets to the north. A plethora of Scottish bloggers are now nurturing these industries within an online space. As blogging has transitioned from an online trend into a budding lifestyle movement, blogs serve as a platform to share news, novel styles and personal creativity.

Here are just a few who have been paving a trendy path for Scotland’s blogosphere.


The Little Magpie

29793253525_efe32a2142_bPhoto courtesy of The Little Magpie


Under her pseudonym, the Little Magpie, 24-year-old Amy Spencer is a fashion forward, Glasgow based-blogger with some nifty travel recommendations. Once a means of escaping from the perils of an English Literature degree, her website is now a place for showcasing her glamorous grunge style with a side of witty humour.



Wardrobe Conversations

rollershakes3-copyrollershakes06Photo courtesy of Wardrobe Conversations


Created in 2013, Helen and Kimberley from Arbroath are the charismatic, chic duo behind Wardrobe Conversations.

Having pledged to become the next Trinny and Susanna during their high school years, the ladies utilise their shared blog as a space to broadcast their quirky fashion flair alongside their support for homegrown designers.


The Everyday Man

shearling1Photo courtesy of The Everyday Man


John Robertson is a model, ex BBC Scotland production runner and the blogging brains behind The Everyday Man. Aiming to deliver fashion, fitness and lifestyle inspiration to males all over the country, Robertson ensures all areas of the site work in sync with one another.


Urban Kultur

dsc_2066dsc_2975Photos courtesy of Urban Kultur


Founding Urban Kultur in 2011, Steven, explores underground, culture through his blog with an inventive edge. A lover of urban art, Urban Kultur reports span from street art to electronic music. Since its earlier days, the platform has now expanded to include regular podcast installments and interview-style posts with fellow creatives.


Food To Glow

kelly.pngPhotos courtesy of Food to Glow


Kellie is a self-confessed Floridian foodie residing in Scotland’s capital. She established her portion of the Internet to serve some serious meal inspiration alongside using her experience as a health educator to muster up genuine nutritional advice.

A lover of world foods from an early age, Kellie describes Food to Glow is primarily recipe fodder without the fussy niche of some health-based blogs.


Kate La Vie

Photos courtesy of Kate La Vie


DIY queen and beauty connoisseur, Kate La Vie is the owner of a Pinterest worthy home in Glasgow and equally as desirable self-titled blog. Donning a Scandinavian inspired style in both her fashion and interior design choices, her blog provides ample lifestyle advice for lovers of all things pretty.



leatherjacketruth-6-of-22Photo courtesy of Urbanity


Ruth MacGilp’s ethical fashion blog Urbanity amalgamates her advocacy for independent Scottish designers, cruelty-free cosmetics, vintage fashion and honest conversations surrounding mental health. Urbanity was recently presented with the title of Blogger of the Year for Scotland at the Herald Fashion Awards. A lady of many talents, Ruth describes Urbanity as a ‘canvas for her creative portfolio,’ while still studying Fashion Communications.


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