Tiree: Scotland’s Paradise

Tiree is the most westerly island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Known for its record-breaking temperatures, some would say that it is Scotland’s hidden paradise. Whether it is summer or winter, there is something to do for everyone in every season.

Surfing, festivals, cycling or simply relaxing on the beach – you will never find yourself stuck for ideas in Tiree. The beautiful island sees its biggest influx of visitors throughout the summer season.

In July, Tiree is home to TMF (Tiree Music Festival), which attracts thousands of music fans to the island for one weekend. Having experienced this iconic seaside sceptical it was fantastic, the atmosphere was incredible, all the islanders welcomed visitors with open arms, making for one big party.

The island hosts their annual summer show and family ceilidh around the same time as extra entertainment for tourists. Costing only a few pounds, it makes for a great night on the island.

The area is the ideal location for you if you want a few days away from the world. With very limited phone signal on the island you are relying on Wi-Fi in public areas or in your accommodation to be re-connected with the today’s technology driven society. I love the traditional feel to Tiree, a task as simple as withdrawing money is only possible, by visiting the sole Bank, RBS, as cashlines are non-existent. Many feel that this just adds to the character of the island.

Sometimes all you need to do is close your eyes for a few moments, open them and you would believe you were in Barbados. Though only stretching for 10 miles, the clean sand combined with the tranquil, sparkling blue sea, creates a stunning landscape which natives can be proud of.

With its wet, windy and often wild winters it is probably advisable to visit in the summer and experience the picturesque island for yourself. Tiree has all you need for the perfect peaceful summer getaway.

Accommodation varies from B&Bs to a couple of small hotels, however the most popular form of accommodation is self catering homes available from as little as three to five days to one month or more depending on the owner. You can have all your home comforts within the privacy of your own cottage.

The island is best accessed by plane or ferry. You can fly from Glasgow to Tiree although ferry is probably the best mode as you can bring your car with you, which instantly gives you access to the full island once you have arrived. Ferries leave from Oban daily throughout the summer with sails lasting around three hours.

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