Parliament Pleas for a Brexit Plan

A number of Conservatives have joined the Labour party asking for a White Paper on negotiating objectives, saying it will allow for a better understanding of what will happen after Brexit.

It comes after the Supreme Court ruled MPs must vote on whether the government can start Brexit.

A parliamentary bill paving the way for talks with the EU could be introduced as early as Thursday.

More than half a dozen Conservative MPs including some ex-ministers are calling for a White Paper – a government policy document which sets out proposals for future acts of Parliament – on Brexit to be published in the coming days.

Downing Street however, emphasized that Prime Minister Theresa May had already set out her plan for Brexit. In a speech last week, she declared that the UK would be leaving the European single market and customs union, but would try to maintain the “freest possible trade” with EU countries.

Labour is warning it is prepared to “fight” in Parliament to make sure that the process of leaving the EU is fully examined.

The party says it will not vote against a parliamentary bill invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – getting talks with the EU under way – but will try to amend it.

The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the government could only invoke Article 50 with a vote in Parliament – rejecting ministers’ argument that this was not necessary. Mrs May wants to invoke Article 50 by the end of March.

the Scottish government will set out its official response to the Supreme Court’s ruling today.

The 11 justices ruled that the UK government was not legally allowed to take the views of the Scottish Parliament and other devolved administrations into account when sparking Article 50.

But amid reports that the Scottish Parliament could hold a vote on the issue anyway.

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