Brainstorm: 아버지 (Father) – Reflection


아버지 (Father)

The first few minutes of Reflection are a test of your patience. As a reward for seeking out new and exciting electronic music, you are treated to 10 minutes of what sounds like a computer lab full of Windows 98 computers crashing into frustrating, unusable states. It’s jarring and annoying, like Lou Reed’s self-destructive “Metal Machine Music” which he composed when he was “really stoned.” The sounds of thumping repetition start to morph and swirl, almost creating notes that don’t sound completely dissonant to the ear, but still leaving you confused at what this album is meant to be. However, further the opening title track goes on, the sounds start to resemble a song, they start to invoke something in you that isn’t frustration, and then you feel a little ridiculous for enjoying what is essentially a compilation of Blue Screen of Death sounds. It does what all great music does, evokes an emotional response. The rest of the album after that is thankfully not as jarring, but it follows the same concept, loops of vapour inspired pleasantness that meander and go back and forth on a theme. These locked in grooves, pleasant samples gradually turn into comprehensive songs as the album goes on, peaking with the penultimate track “Tomorrow” which gives a little more definition and a hook to the experience. Once what was vaporwave has blossomed into a myriad of different music genres which 아버지’s label BLCR Laboratories define as deathdream, eccojams (a reference to the sega game) and plunderphonics. I’m unsure how these subgenres came to be and they, like Reflection are not for everyone, but It’s exciting that new and experimental electronic music has a place to grow into crazy, twisted parodies of itself.


Check out the album on Bandcamp.


  1. Great recommendation I will definitely check it out! What song would you say is the standout?

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