Brainstorm: You Wouldn’t Believe Who Actually Wrote THIS 1997 Hit!

Natalie Imbruglia Donauinselfest 2015

Natalie Imbruglia Donauinselfest 2015

Remember Natalie Imbruglia’s hit ‘Torn’? The song turns 20 at the end of the year and many people are still under the impression that the Australian pop star wrote the track.

Two years prior, a relatively small LA band called Ednaswap released ‘Torn’ on their eponymous debut album and re-released an alternate version on their second album, Wacko Magneto. While the band signed to Island Records for their second album, they only achieved moderate success.

Presumably, A&R executives came across one of Ednaswap’s releases or at a gig and decided to revamp ‘Torn’ then tailor it to a young singer.

Lis Sørensen is known as the first singer to record ‘Torn’ when Ednaswap gave the song to her, before the band decided to record it themselves. The Ednaswap version is famous for having a powerful grunge sound and emotive vocals.

When Natalie Imbruglia released the track as a single in October 1997, it went number two on the UK Singles Chart. It was accompanied by a commercial music video with Imbruglia sitting in an apartment miming along to the track while two actors are involved in a romantically linked conversation in the background. The track was award a Grammy nomination and the video was voted the second best music video of all time by MTV Italy.

Ednaswap only lasted around two years after Imbruglia released her version of ‘Torn’. Singer Anne Preven and guitarist Scott Cutler created Songs of Pulse in 2007, a company who specialise in ghostwriting for other artists. Preven and Cutler have contributed to songs by Katy Perry, Taio Cruz and Miley Cyrus.

Check out the Ednaswap version of ‘Torn’ below:


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