British kidnap victim released from hospital


Queensland Police are dealing with the incident

A British kidnap victim has been released from hospital. The 22-year old backpacker from Liverpool, who allegedly suffered from a horrifying ordeal including being kidnapped and being repeatedly raped, is now being comforted by her family.

A 22 year old man has been charged on 23 counts including rape, drugs charges and assault charges.

The suspect was arrested after the alleged victim stopped at a petrol station and was not able to pay. The attendant sounded the alarm and the car, driven by the alleged victim, was pulled over and the suspect was hiding in the boot.

Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad described the allegations as “absolutely horrific”.

“I want people to understand that Queensland is a safe place and these sorts of things are the exception,” she said on Wednesday.

“We want to make sure that violence against women, these sorts of crimes, are completely unacceptable.

Although the woman has alleged that the suspect destroyed her passport rendering her unable to travel home, a spokeswoman for the British High Commission said: “We are supporting a British woman following an incident in Queensland and remain in contact with local authorities.”

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