Strictly’s Same-Sex Couple Controversy

It was a moment of sheer joy when Scottish comedian Susan Calman was partnered with her favourite professional dancer, Kevin Clifton, on the first showing of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Instead of an emotional response from the public, Calman was met with hostility and criticism from social media users for being paired with someone of the opposite sex – despite Mrs Calman being gay and happily married to a woman.

The argument surrounding same-sex couples in Strictly has continued for years, but the BBC has never taken much notice.

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In response to the negative comments, Mrs Calman tweeted on the 8th of September:

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The BBC has stated that there are “no plans to introduce same-sex couples”, which comes after the Reverend Richard Coles, who is also gay, called for the option to choose a partner of the same-sex and that it made no sense for it not to happen.

Many fans of the show agree with the Reverend’s argument.


Megan Peoples, who is a member of the LGBTQAI, said: “Who really cares? It makes no sense why people are so mad about it.”

Paisley social studies student, Danielle, concurs.

“I don’t see what the issue is,” she said. “How would it be different to dancing with one of your friends? If someone had a problem with it just because they are assuming they must be gay, then that is very closed minded. I’m all for traditions but there is nothing wrong with dancing with someone you want to.”

Whether or not the BBC will listen to the viewers is unknown. Abuse towards the contestant, however, should not be tolerated and is one thing the network should handle.

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