“Focus on the positives of leaving the EU” say Edinburgh Corporate Policy and Strategy committee

The Edinburgh Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee met this morning to discuss their concerns regarding the departure of Scotland from the European Union.

The majority of Edinburgh voters who took part in the 2016 referendum opted to remain in the EU. Now councillors are working to reduce the potential damage to the city, and the country, considering the impending legislation to leave.

One councillor deemed Brexit, ‘the worst economic mistake the UK has made since the Second World War.’

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The committee agreed the most important steps to take were to keep close links with EU institutions and to continue working alongside key employers in Edinburgh to ensure the negative effects will be as minimal as possible.

Many councillors spoke too of the importance of continuing to support those from the EU already living, working and studying in Scotland. Migration is still encouraged and the committee promised to protect their rights entirely.

Possible implications are not yet known, so councillors agreed that the most constructive way forward would be to focus on the advantages of leaving the European Union.

The majority of the committee approved the terms of the motion, meaning the discussed measures will be implemented in the coming months.


Written by Megan Taylor

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