The Luminate Festival celebrates its 5th birthday

Scotland’s creative ageing organisation has turned five this year and is celebrating its 6th festival this October.

Films, art exhibitions, theatre acts and more will be featured during the festival all across Scotland throughout the entire month.

Dance Base_Showcase

Performer and Director Lindsey Kemp showcases the Dance Base Illuminations

Edyta Kania, administrator for the Luminate Festival, talks about the aims and philosophy of the festival:

“It [Luminate] offers an exciting programme of creative activities and events aimed at older people while also reaching audiences from across generations. We work closely with local artists and community groups across the country.

Our aim is to feature creative activities to bring the old and young together, as well as what ageing means to all of us. The festival only features the work of older artists do across Scotland.”

Featured acts include film Hotel Salvation, described by Edyta as a “film set in India, showing a story of a son and his father seeking salvation in the holy city of Varanasi.”

Hotel Salvation_1

Hotel Salvation, available to see throughout Scotland

Of course, older patrons are often discounted when seeing events or attending activities. Although this is the festival’s fifth year running, there will be no dedicated acts or features to specifically celebrate this.

Edyta explains the reason for this:

“We believe that all our festivals are really special. We worked with our usual organisations and local artists to prepare another special programme. So I think it’s whatever your preferences are, you will find something that’s really beautiful, uplifting and enjoyable.”

Tell Your Tale (c) Volunteer Edinburgh

Enjoy some tea and come Tell Your Tale on October 10th

If you are interested in seeing any of Luminate’s performances, you can contact the team or view the events list at their website

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