Can you survive your own hell? Pop Up to Black Bar Barracks and discover your fate

Black Bar Barracks have created an adult-only Halloween experience which lets you delve into the pits of your own hell. Why would you say no?


“Private Hell” dares you to explore the disused military medical facility which has been abandoned ever since ‘the incident’. A series 20 minute tours take visitors through the hospital filled with undead soldiers. If you make it through the maze without being detected you’re rewarded with a drink in the horror themed bar.


Can you handle what lurks in Black Market Barracks?

Black Market Barracks is open daily between 11am and 1am until Tuesday 31 October, with tours running until 11pm

Don’t fancy sharing a round with the undead? A classier alternative is Cocktails in the City – a one night only event at the Mansfield Traquair on Thursday the 12th of October. 17 bars will unpack into the unique neo-Romanesque venue each with their own exclusive drink created just for the event.

Buy tickets for the event at Cocktails in the City Edinburgh

For Sci-fi fans, the Pop-Up Geeks have brought another, even stranger, TV themed bar to Edinburgh.  The Upside Down, named after the parallel universe in the first series of Netflix original show Stranger Things, will be in the capital until Halloween. The pop up serves classic 80’s cocktails as well as hard shakes and ice cream floats all made with “Señor Scoop” ice cream.

The Upside Down can be found at Six Degrees North on Howe Street, and is open every Sunday to Friday until 31 October.


Edinburgh is full of surprises. Watch your step for the next month, for you never know what could pop up next…


Written by Claire Stevenson

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