Sheffield Hallam University develop intelligent fingerprint system like no other

New fingerprint technology has been developed by scientists at Sheffield Hallam University which can, not only detect blood and various cosmetics, but also remind you exactly what you had for your lunch.


Fingerprint technology has been around for 100 years, but this new technology allows for all sorts of data to be collected.

From a small sample, experts can find out your gender, what kind of cosmetics you’ve been using and what you’ve been eating.

This is big news for crime cases – the process, called mass spectrometry, can detect whether you’ve come into contact with blood or even touched a condom.

The technology is thought to be just months away from being approved as admissible evidence in court cases – meaning it can be used to solve difficult forensic cases that are often slung out due to lack of evidence.

Researchers have been developing and testing this technology with police since 2012, and the Home Office has invested over £80,000 into the project.

Stephen Bleay, from the Home Office says the technology is “fairly close to bottoming out all the questions that could be raised in court.”

The team of scientists involved claim ‘the technology has been used with a 30 year old sample, meaning big things for cold case reviews.’

Written and Filmed by Katie McKenzie
Presented by Lee Dalgetty

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