We’re Fawning over this adorable addition to Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo celebrated the birth of their first Visayan spotted deer calf last October and just yesterday, another was born.

The new fawn, Tember, joined the family and zoo members are thrilled by the addition.

Karen Stiven, senior keeper at Edinburgh Zoo said: “We are very excited to welcome the new male fawn to our collection. He has been named Tember and will be looked after by mum for the first six months before he slowly begins developing more confidence.”

Image credit: RZSS Member Margaret Mollon

The smaller, short-legged species of deer with beige spots covering their back is currently classified on the IUCN Red List as an endangered species, with a declining population due to threats such as intensive hunting and deforestation.

They are found mostly in the rainforests of Western Visayan Islands of the central Philippines, and are believed to be one of the rarest and most narrowly distributed mammals in the world.

Image credit: RZSS/Siân Addison

The zoo has stated that the rare species is fragmented in their limited habitat and they are trying hard to change that. And with the new fawn, they are hoping to continue their conservation work in the future.

Jo Elliott, Animal Collections Manager at Edinburgh Zoo, stated that: “The birth of this deer will play an important role in the conservation of this increasingly threatened species, helping to safeguard it from complete extinction.”

Visitors of Edinburgh Zoo can find the Visayan Spotted Deer between the Visayan Warty Pigs and the Swamp Wallabies.

More information about the rare species can be found here.

Video credit:  Video credit: RZSS/Sian Addison

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