Ava Love Review

Edinburgh indie band Ava Love are back with brand new single, Warcry.

An abrupt start to the song introduces the colossal impact of drums. Then my ears are just overwhelmed by the various sounds and noises hitting them – but not in a good way. There is too much texture.

It’s hard to isolate what instrument is playing which tune. However the main, catchy melody playing over the top makes up for the muddled intro. Then we’re left with the fuzzy, distorted bass repetition and lead singer Rory Fairweather’s eerie voice. A big change from the folky vocals heard when the band were previously known as Bwani Junction. The verse almost makes you feel like you’re driving down a dark country road.

The lyrics are, however, quite uninspired. Then the vocals change to a higher cry, after the guitar is re-introduced to build to the chorus with a jumbled mess of noise. The song then somewhat redeems itself with a catchy anthem like chorus. With the second verse sounding  more or less like  a repeat but with more impressive vocals – then there’s the jumbled build to a second chorus.

By this point you’ll be singing along. The inevitable break is brought in with a boring, predictable keyboard melody. The bass melody in the background is interesting, accompanied by the thumping bass drum to introduce the final chorus.

The song then finishes the same way it starts, with the promising, intense drums. However this time, you know the song is overproduced and too complicated, whereas before, there was still hope for Ava Love to redeem themselves after their disappointing first two singles.

I choose folk over 80’s electronic indie. Bwani Junction over Ava Love.

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