Edinburgh Festival Chorus invites you to join their ranks


The Edinburgh Festival Chorus is giving you the opportunity to experience a rehearsal this evening from 7 pm.

The 130 person choir are always looking for new members. In joining, you will be part of one of the largest groups in the world, performing annually with a wide range of renowned conductors and orchestras in concert halls, including Usher Hall.


(Credit: Google Images)


Chorus Master, Christopher Bell says, “The Edinburgh Festival Chorus is one of the world’s leading amateur choruses. It is very special because it allows local people, as volunteers to the chorus, to perform on the stage in the Usher Hall to a world class standard.”

Bell is originally from Belfast, came to Edinburgh University to study music some years ago. Since then he has worked with the RSNOC (Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus), travelling to and from Chicago regularly, before being appointed Edinburgh Festival Chorus Master in 2007.

The festival draws a very international crowd, with visitors from Germany, Ireland and Spain.

Edinburgh Festival Chorus has held an integral slot at the heart of Edinburgh’s International Festival since its formation in 1965. Come 2018 it will have completed it’s 53rd run as one of the only festival productions which performs all year long.




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