Husband jailed for smothering sick wife

A loyal husband who killed his wife in, what he called a “final act of love”, has been jailed today for three years and four months.

Ian Gordon, 67, smothered his wife Patricia, 63, with a pillow in their home at Troon, Ayrshire in April 2016.

The couple made a pact prior to Mrs. Gordon’s death, stating Mr. Gordon’s role in ending her life. Mrs. Gordon was convinced she had lung cancer, however didn’t want to be treated due to her phobia of hospitals.

Ian Gordon jailed for over 3 years. Spindrift

Ian Gordon originally went on trial at the High Court in Glasgow on a charge of murder. However, the charge was withdrawn after jurors heard evidence from his daughter, Gail Whyte.

Mrs.  Whyte told the court that she was glad that her father had helped her mother. Going on to say she had known about the ‘pact’ her parents had and that her mother knew her own mind.

Mrs. Whyte added, “My mum was my dad’s entire world, everything he did was for her. She was his reason for getting up in the morning.”

Gordon was found guilty of culpable homicide last month.

On Tuesday, defence counseler Gordon Jackson QC told judge Lord Arthurson that a doctor who knew Gordon said the accused did not act with malice.

Mr. Jackson also told the court that Gordon will continue forward with his family’s full support, “It would be a tragedy for them, and for their father, if he went to jail – it would be a tragedy upon tragedy. .

He added, “I have never came across a case quite like this one.”


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