Scare Scotland’s Dread 2: Mutation

Masters of horror, Scare Scotland, are back with a new scare attraction hell-bent on pulling you into a spine-chilling tale.

Dread 2: Mutation takes visitors into a science facility where strange experiments are taking place. Led by a soldier, the tour soon turns awry when the experiment’s test-subjects escape. Soon you are chased from room to room in a dire attempt to escape the building. Many strange and frightening obstacles are in your way and you’ll find it’s not that easy to escape the Mutations…


Behind the walls of the ‘science facility,’ Stevie Douglas, director of Scare Scotland, tells us how the show came about:

“Dread started as an idea two years ago. It was being built by another group who lost their way a little bit. Then it was taken over by a guy named Barry Douglas – no relation to me – and he decided he wanted to build his own zombie show rather than a generic scare thing. He needed actors and a specialist type of actors, so he got a hold of myself at Scare Scotland and we came in and helped him design the first show and the one that you see now.”

The show had reopened in September after having a three month hiatus to rebuild the set for its new show. Previously, Dread Glasgow featured zombies chasing visitors around. Now, the month-long show has a fresh new story – one Stevie is rather proud of:

“I feel personally that, when we put these things together, we want to put you inside a film. If the film has a bad plot, you’ll lose interest. After being involved in loads of these things over the years, you find you’ll walk around and it’s just jumpscares. They’re fun but what do you actually remember? We try to be inside a film and you’re a part of that. That’s what I believe works best.”


Thrill seekers will want to visit the show this Halloween, as Stevie explains there will be frightening new additions.

“We tend to up the ante a little bit. We put in a few extra scares and hold the audience a little longer. Last Halloween we were doing the zombie show and we basically tripled the amount of zombies.”

Starting six years ago, Scare Scotland is known for its horror events and has been involved in numerous films, music videos, and TV shows, including BBC Three’s I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse.


“We’re a small company with big ideas,” Stevie explains. “We want to see the scare attraction industry in Scotland get professionalised. It began here and we should be flying the flag for it.”

For more information on Scare Scotland and its horror events, check out their Facebook page or website.

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