Slateford Road closure as fire scorches through top floor flat

Commuters faced disruption this morning in the West End of Edinburgh after a fire broke out in a flat on Slateford Road.

Fire engines and police were outside the flat near Roverston Avenue at approximately 8 am – leaving the road closed to cars and buses.

Police were seen navigating traffic in both directions at 10 am – with buses 4, 34, 44 and 300 diverted to Gorgie Road via Chesser Avenue and Henderson Terrace.


Police were navigating traffic after the road was reopened late morning.

An eyewitness, who lives near the scene, said she could see smoke at around 8.30 am, but it had cleared very quickly.

She also said:

I could see that a window on the top floor had been destroyed, and the room behind it was pretty black and charred. I couldn’t see much else though from where I was standing but there were a few people sitting outside the building.

At this point there was only one fire engine and police car left and a policeman was navigating the traffic which was tailing back a fair bit towards Chesser. It was a bit of a nightmare but everything seemed to be flowing smoothly.

The road was reopened at 11 am to all traffic. The busses returned to their normal routes in the area, with the exception of stops at Shandon which remained closed.


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