Star Wars exhibition lands in Glasgow

In a city not-so-far-away, a Star Wars exhibition is set to land in Glasgow to raise money for the Scottish SPCA.

The exhibition will start on the 1st of November and will showcase throughout the month at Drury Street Bar and Kitchen, open from 12pm to 12am daily.

Mark Boyle tie p.a

Artwork by Mark Boyle

Mark Boyle, who is the organiser of Star Wars in Glasgow, has been a big advocate of Star Wars over the years.

Back in 2015, Boyle worked on another exhibition of Star Wars in Glasgow ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and previewed what it would look like if the film series was based in Glasgow.

The Variety Bar was changed into the Variety Cantina, and was decorated with inspired artwork and replicas, both by Boyle and other artists and replica specialists.

Toasty Type

In regards to this year’s charity event, Boyle said:

It’s a fantastic opportunity for Star Wars fans in Glasgow to come and view some original artworks from a truly diverse group of artists – we have tattooists, comic book artists, photography and calligraphy along with an incredible display of collectibles, many of which have never been seen before.

Tanya Roberts

Artwork by Tanya Roberts

Expect to see a whole bunch of Star Wars original pieces from award-winning comic book artists – Tanya Roberts and Neil Slorance, calligrapher – Jen Fisher (aka Toasty Type), tattooist – David Matson, Artist – Karen Bones, and classic Star Wars Toy Collector Thomas Wilson.

Mark Boyle himself will be featuring his photography and artworks during the month. In addition to the exhibition, there will be special events playing throughout November. Some of the films from the series will be playing at the bar, as well as several pub quizzes.

Neil slorance

Artwork by Neil Slorance

Boyle emphasises the importance of this exhibition and its aim to help the SPCA:

We hope to raise lots of money for the Scottish SPCA. As a collective of animal lovers, it’s important to us that the money we raise goes directly to helping abused animals find their happy new homes.

Make sure to keep an eye out for BB-8, who will be helping the bar staff at the Drury Street Bar and Kitchen.

For more information and news on the artists and launch, check out Star Wars in Glasgow’s Facebook page.

Glasgow… May the Force be with you!

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