A Guide to Burano

This colourful island sits on the Venetian Lagoon and possesses its own unique sense of beauty. With most flocking to the enchanting streets of Venice, Burano can be an often overlooked destination.


Visitors can experience a childlike sense of wonder and whimsy as they wind through the rainbow coloured town. Every colour of the rainbow is represented. No home is quite the same. Fishing boats that match the bright homes float upon the canals.


Boats and Homes. Source: Megan Taylor


Burano has preserved its authenticity throughout the years. Centuries ago, fishermen painted their houses the most vibrant of colours to distinguish their home from that of their neighbours. It also allowed them to see their homes from offshore – ensuring that even on the foggiest of days, they wouldn’t crash onto the island!


Today, the calming atmosphere remains the same. Fishermen laughing by the shore, women sitting on deck chairs in the street chatting with friends, children running around freely and riding their bikes by the canals. There is an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquillity.


And with a population of less than 3000, it can be a welcome escape from the madness of Venice.


Burano is not just famous for its colourful homes but for its lacework too. Legend has it that one day many years ago, a siren attempted to seduce a soon-to-be married fisherman. When he turned down her advances, she was impressed by his faithfulness and created a lace wedding veil for his future bride. The tale inspired women in Burano who tried to replicate her design. The Burano Lace Museum is now one of the island’s most popular attractions.


Three bridges connect the three canals that run through the island. Across every bridge lies an abundance of restaurants, homes and craft shops. It is difficult to get lost on this island so it’s worth exploring some of the side streets to understand a little more about local life.


A bridge connecting the streets. Source: Megan Taylor


As the day ends, visitors can head to the Pescaria Vecia – a much loved spot to watch the sun set over the lagoon.


Burano sits just forty-five minutes away by vaporetto (water bus) ride from the main island of Venice. With brightly coloured homes and photogenic sights around every corner, the island should be on everyone’s travel bucket list.

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