Top 5 ways to add Hygge to your life this Winter

As the nights lengthen and colder weather sneaks in around us, it’s not unusual to feel a little down, grey and flat. However, this winter it is time we turn to our Danish neighbours for some advice on how to embrace their concept of Hygge. Pronounced (hoo-guh), it incorporates embracing the small things and creating a safe space to relax.


The Scandinavian lifestyle is one that we could all do with embracing, with Denmark being ranked as the happiest nation in 2016. Coming 1st out of 156 countries, residents said it was because they had ‘no worries’, so we took some tips on how this chilled out nation de-stresses.


1. Candles Candles Candles

Picking the right candle is essential for creating the right mood. Source: Google


It is impossible to have Hygge without candles. If you want to create instant intimacy and ambience, a few candles and tea lights scattered about gives a more chilled and subtle lighting, instantly making you take a deep breath and chill out. Picking the right scent is also important. Everyone is particular with what kind of candle they love to light – but the more mellow and soft, the more relaxed the scent swirling around the room. For example, here are a few calming winter candles that will instantly set the mood. 


2. Fairy light up your life

A cosy setting is needed for Hygge. Source: Google


If candles are a fire hazard for you, or just too much effort, get yourself to a discount store or bargain shop and stock up on these twinkling little gems. Whether its waterfall lights draped behind your bed or long strands pinned around the walls in your lounge, it instantly draws the room in and takes away the need to pop on bigger, harsher lights. Hygge is all about creating warmth  and the effect fairy lights can give is exactly that.


3. Big Chunky wools and knits

Winter woolies are perfect for a cosy night in. Source: Google

Danish and Scandinavian style is renowned for its simplicity and beauty. Furnishings have a minimalist and neutral tone to them, with muted colours and elegance. There is no need to go over the top, and a few classic attributes instantly can transform your room into a relaxed Hygge haven. For example, chunky wools and knits like these cushions and blankets will make a space feel extra cosy without it looking brash or bold.


4. Get some friends round

An important part of Hygge is spending time with your loved ones. Source: Google

One of the most common descriptions of Hygge is ‘building a sanctuary and community’. So once you have built your little sanctuary and its glowing with all those candles you have lit, why not invite a few friends round to enjoy it with you? Hygge is also about embracing the small moments and making the most of it, so there is no need for fancy plans. Ideas as small as:

-A couple of beers and some card games

-A hot drink and a gossip

-A glass of wine and a film

-Some cosy socks and a nap


5. Just relax

Take time to yourself and appreciate your surroundings. Source: Google


To create your own well being, you need to be relaxed. So once you have made your space somewhere to enjoy, it is important to learn how to leave all the stresses of winter at the door, take a deep breath and enjoy what you have around you. If you struggle to switch off, why not try listening to relaxing music or a podcast, getting lost in a book, or treating yourself to a pamper evening.


And there you have it, a few simple tips that can change your attitude towards stress and appreciate what you have around you. So good luck, or ‘held og lykke’ as the Danes would say, and let a little Hygge in your life this winter.


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