City Council urged to install segregated cycle lanes

Edinburgh’s road users are pressuring Edinburgh City Council to invest in partitioned cycle lanes following a survey published by Sustrans. The survey conducted by the UK transport charity suggested that 8 out of 10 drivers and cyclists in Edinburgh support this idea.


This comes following the council’s £12m plan to install segregated cycle lanes on popular routes from The Mound to The Meadows and Roseburn to Edinburgh Park. However it seems that of the 1,000 people asked, around 800 would like to see this project expanded to introduce these partitioned cycle lanes on a wider scale.


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This majority still support this idea despite the fact that it would reduce the space available on the road for cars, choosing to favour the safety of cyclists.


However it is not just cyclists’ safety that would be improved, Sustran believe that traffic congestion, air quality and the general health of Edinburgh’s citizens would also be boosted.


Speaking to Forth News, Sustrans Policy Manager Claire Daly believes that:

“If we can make it easier for people to walk and to cycle around this beautiful city and to experience it directly, I think it brings a whole load of benefits.”

Edinburgh City Council have said that they will take this survey into consideration when they evaluate the future of transport in Edinburgh.

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