New campaign targets adults who buy tobacco for youngsters

‘Not a Favour’ –  a campaign that aims to challenge the attitudes of adults giving young people tobacco.


The campaign hopes more young people will say no to cigarettes. Source: Google


The national campaign was developed by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and funded by the Scottish Government in efforts to reduce the harm of smoking.


36 young people take up smoking each day in Scotland, with most getting their cigarettes from adult family members or friends.


The campaign will detail how supplying young people with tobacco and cigarettes will lead to addictions, ill health and money worries.


‘Not a Favour’ is linked with efforts to create a tobacco-free generation by 2034.


Speaking to the BBC, Public health minister, Aileen Campbell, said:


“We… know that the younger people start smoking, the harder they find it to give up later in life, so we really want to keep tobacco out of the hands of young people.


“We all want the best for our children and young people and this campaign serves as a reminder that an easy-going attitude towards the culture of supply to children has got to stop.”


Campaign poster. Source: Google

More on the Campaign:


From mid-November, there will be messages in the media pointing out that giving young people tobacco is detrimental to their health, wealth and wellbeing.


Organisations will be involved in online blogs and discussions on the issues around the illegal supply of tobacco to young people.


The campaign website hosts a number of different resources that can be downloaded and distributed to help get the message out.



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