Nicola Sturgeon to meet Theresa May in Downing Street

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon is to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May in Number 10 on Tuesday. This is the first face to face meeting the two leaders have had since March of this year.


The Prime Minister indicated earlier in the year that she wanted to hold discussions with Sturgeon over their government’s political deadlock regarding Brexit.

Theresa May and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meet in a hotel in Glasgow, Scotland, March 27, 2017.
Source: Reuters


It is likely that following cross-party talks about sexual harassment in both Westminister and Holyrood in previous weeks, the two leaders will discuss the current state of sexual harassment in politics.


The meeting comes on the same day that amendments to the European Withdrawl Bill are being considered by MPs, fueling further friction between Conservative backbenchers and Cabinet members.


The Scottish Government is refusing to table the bill for consent in Holyrood unless changes are made to halt a return of devolved powers to Westminster.


Sturgeon said in recent weeks, this is a ‘power grab’ by the Conservative Party. May responded by stating devolved regions would ‘gain significant powers’ in the bill.


Previous talks between top ministers in both Parliaments have failed in their bid to break this political deadlock. May and Sturgeon’s relationship has been fraught at times. Nicola Sturgeon revealed in a New Statesman interview her personal view of May’s current government;


“When you’ve got an insight into how rough and tough and, at times, downright unpleasant the trade of politics can be, it’s hard not to feel some personal sympathy. Her position must be pretty intolerable. It’s tempered, though, by the fact that nobody made her call an election and she did it for purely party-political interest.”


Whilst the Brexit Withdrawal will be top of both leaders agenda, neither party leader could avoid tackling the sexual harassment which is involving all parties in both parliaments. Tory Defense Secretary Micheal Fallon and SNP early years minister Mark McDonald both left their posts last week over allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour.


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