Scottish man tortured in India

30-year old Jagtar Singh Johal was arrested on November 4 in India. He allegedly had a sack thrown over his head and was bundled into a police van whilst out shopping in Jalandhar in the state of Punjab.


It is believed that the Scot has been electrocuted and beaten whilst he is held by Indian police.


Mr Johal is also said to have had his nipples and earlobes electrocuted. Source: STV

The Dumbarton based man had travelled to India with family to get married. Mr Johal has been accused of “running a magazine” in the UK about atrocities during the 1984 massacre of Sikhs in India and “influencing the youth through social media”.


Speaking to STV, his brother Gurpreet said: “I am outraged by this. My brother has been tortured and when I saw the pictures from the court he looks emaciated and has lost a lot of weight.

“He has been tortured by being beaten and having electric shocks to his genitals. This has happened because the UK Government has not prioritised the case. They have given it no attention. They have made no leeway.

“He has been remanded until Friday when he will appear again. We are very worried about him and what will happen to him.”


His brother and local MP have called for British authorities to intervene.


Martin Docherty-Hughes, SNP MP for West Dunbartonshire, has said: “I am deeply concerned about the circumstances of Jagtar Singh Johal’s arrest and imprisonment in India.

“I have raised this as a matter of urgency with the British High Commission of India and the Foreign Office.”


Mr Johal is expected to appear in court again on Friday.


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