Spinning Coin – ‘Permo’ Review

The Glaswegian music scene is classically known for its riotous, Buckfast-fueled punk bands and very few have successfully broken this mould. Spinning Coin are Glasgow’s latest success story who released their long awaited debut album ‘Permo’ on the 9th of November.


After distributing some cassettes and a couple of 7” vinyl singles since 2014, Permo is their biggest launch yet with loads of brand new songs and  a few old favourites guaranteed to please any fan of dreamy, classic indie.


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Permo begins with the subdued yet upbeat ‘Raining On Hope Street’. Adorned with sweet guitar melodies, it is slightly reminiscent of Glasgow legends Belle and Sebastian. However, Spinning Coin have made this sound their own with their trademark lo-fi style. ‘Money Is A Drug’ is a stark contrast to Raining On Hope Street’. Starting off smooth, it descends into a punky observation of the world. Complete with syncopated drums and rough, apathetic male vocals which are juxtaposed beautifully by the sweet female voice during the chorus which expresses frustration with class wars.


A rainy day on Hope Street, Glasgow

‘Magdalene’ further explores Spinning Coin’s punk side and opens with bluesy guitar bends which perfectly complement the husky singing. This eventually makes way for the intense, distorted breakdown towards the end, complete with fast drumming and even faster guitar shredding. The album does have some noticeable ‘filler’ tracks which include the likes of the generic ‘Be Free’, the ironically named ‘Powerful’ (which isn’t particularly powerful at all) and ‘Starry Eyes’ which is an honest yet empty track full of jarringly dissonant guitar riffs.


However, tunes like ‘Running With The World’ help to redeem Permo’s more disappointing tracks. The dreamy ballad provides the listener with an interesting yet relaxing feeling of nostalgia and features twinkly guitars and soothing female vocals asking “where do you go when it’s cold?”. 


Permo’s closing track ‘I Feel The Need To Be An Actor’ is a very melancholic end to a lovely album which you can’t help but sway along to. The smooth guitar scales provide a pretty backing to the silky vocals on this ‘last dance at the end of the night’ kind of song and bring the album to a satisfying end.

As a whole, Spinning Coin’s debut is a promising success for the indie quintet and is a great indicator of the talent in the Glasgow music scene, however Permo does play it safe and, as mentioned before, is a bit of a crowd pleaser.

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