Viz: The Jester’s Shoes

Popular Adult comic book Viz is back with it’s latest book Viz: The Jester’s Shoes. The raunchy infamous comic is perhaps one of Britain’s most controversial comic books out there.


Comic duo Graham Dury and Simon Thorp, who are the lead cartoonists of the comic, did a signing yesterday as part of Waterstone Sauchiehall Street’s 20th anniversary celebrations. We at EN4 News took the opportunity to discuss their latest instalment during their downtime.


Graham said: “It’s a bit like Dandy and Beano. We thought when you get to sixteen, you have to stop reading the Dandy and Beano, and that’s not very fair. So we did this comic for grown ups.”


Simon agrees. “It’s got comic strips, but their very foul mouthed. They go to places that they wouldn’t go in Dandy and Beano.”



The Jester’s Shoes is the 271st issue of Viz. Source: Eilidh Swinton

In their long time as cartoonists, Graham and Simon were bound to work on projects other than their pet comic book. Graham was able to detail some of the organisations they worked with over the years.


“We used to do some comics for other magazines, such as the Performance and shamefully for the Spectator. But this [Viz] takes up so much time so we mainly focus on this now.”


The roughly 38 year old comic series, which started in 1979, is known for its rather crude nature of humour. In a world of political correctness, Viz The Jester’s Shoes certainly makes no changes to its reputation with a whole new range of tastefully offence commentary.



Graham Dury and Simon Thorp signing books. Source: Eilidh Swinton

“It’s full of childish cartoons and spoof news articles,” Graham assures us. “It’s getting harder and harder to spoof newspaper articles because they do it themselves now. You think that somebody like Donald Trump coming along would be easier but it’s so difficult because he’s a cartoon himself.”


In regards to the general reception of the comic book, Simon is very positive on the reaction from the fans: “Very good actually! I think it’s quite early in the Christmas season so the books always seem to sell well.”


This is the first time Graham and Simon have done a signing in Glasgow in years. Keep an eye-out at your local stores and conventions! Simon is enthusiastic on furthering their tour destinations in the future.


“I think we should go a bit further north and maybe Northern Ireland. My son lives in Northern Ireland so I’d go there.”



A copy of the comic. Source: Eilidh Swinton

If you’re looking for a cheeky bit of humour for yourself or as a Christmas present for an unsuspecting loved one, consider picking up the latest edition of Viz at your local bookstore.

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