Are football tickets too pricey for Scottish fans?

The BBC published its Price of Football study this week. It’s a detailed analysis of how much fans will spend supporting their club over the course of a season – from tickets to pies.

The study covers 13 leagues across Britain, and some in Europe. The Edinburgh-based football clubs, Hearts, Hibernian and Edinburgh City, have all been analysed as part of Scotland’s inclusion.

The Gorgie Road stand at Hearts’ Tynecastle. Photo Credit: (Christian Cooksey/Getty Images)

And the figures revealed in the study range from the cost of a season ticket to how much a cup of tea is at home matches.

Hearts have just moved back in to Tynecastle following a brief stay at Murrayfield, but their figures do not appear to have been affected. The study shows that the cheapest season ticket to watch the Gorgie club is currently £300. The most expensive single ticket is £33.

Across Edinburgh, Hibernian’s cheapest season ticket of £335 is more expensive than their rivals. The two clubs are relatively similar in terms of prices for pies, teas and replica shirts.

Lower league Edinburgh City hold a firm figure for all season tickets. Everyone committed to watching the club this season have paid £160. As expected, their cost of single match tickets to adult replica shirts are all much cheaper than the bigger clubs.

By using the fan cost calculator supplied by the BBC – finding out how much it is to follow each of the Edinburgh clubs with season tickets is quite easy.

If you are a Hearts fan, the study reveals that it will cost approximately £824 in total this season. This figure is based on the cheapest season ticket and buying one pie, tea and programme per home match.

Football fans can pay upwards of £100 across a season for pies. Photo Credit (Alex Morton/Getty Images)

Pies and teas across the season could come to approximately £86. Paying for programmes could come to £66.50 and an adult replica shirt is around £48.

Hibernian fans will be spending slightly more over the course of the season. The calculator suggests that an average season ticket holder could be spending around £850 to watch the Easter Road side.

Compared to Hearts, Hibernian’s pies and teas prices could come to a total of nearly £90. Replica adult shirts for the 2016 Scottish Cup winners are £3 less expensive than at Hearts.

Both clubs’ final totals have the TV sport subscription price included – which is the same across the board for SPFL clubs. £324 could be spent by fans of the Edinburgh rivals so that they won’t miss some of their club’s action if they can’t make it to a match this season.

This subscription price means that even Edinburgh City’s fans could be spending, surprisingly, upwards of £600 this season.

It’s much cheaper for pies and teas at the Meadowbank club – just £41 across the season. It is nearly £50 less for a fan to enjoy a beverage at every home match for the League Two side than that of an avid Hibernian fan at Easter Road.

In Edinburgh alone, football fans collectively for all three clubs are spending nearly £2300 supporting their side.

Easter Road, home of Edinburgh side Hibernian. Photo Credit: Steve Walsh/Getty Images

Comparing the Hibernian and Hearts figures to that of Glasgow’s Old Firm however, is much more revealing.

Fans of the current Scottish champions, Celtic, are estimated in the study to be spending £909 over the season. This could be much more for supporters with the most expensive season ticket at Celtic Park reaching £609.

Their rivals, Rangers, are close behind, with their fans spending approximately £875 this season. Pies and teas at Ibrox could reach up to £96 for season ticket holders.

Combined, the two top-flight Edinburgh clubs’ fans might spend £1700 this campaign. Across the country in Glasgow, Old Firm supporters could be paying £1800.

On the evidence of these figures, it’s true what they say. Football really is nothing without the fans.

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