Disaster for German chancellor Merkel as coalition deal in doubt

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is facing her biggest political challenge after 12 years in the job.

Mrs Merkel has yet to form an official government following the September federal election. She has been forced to plead with opposition parties to join her own in order to form a coalition.


Angela Merkel. Photograph: Google

Failure to establish a 4-part-coalition government will result in fresh elections taking place in the central-European state. So far, she has failed to come to an agreement with any of them with elections look likely.

Her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has turned to its Bavarian sister party, The Christian Social Union (CSU), the centre-right party FDP and the ultra-left Green Party.

The FPD party was the last to walk out of negotiations with the Chancellor. Its leader, Christian Lindner, revealed that all parties involved are conflicted on significant areas of society, including immigration.

The CDU caused a furious row amongst German politicians with their 2015 open-door-policy during the peak of the migrant crisis. More recently, the party-in-government struck a deal with the CSU to limit the number of refugees to 200,000 annually. The deal is thought to be a plug to entice Merkel’s traditional right-wing voters to stay loyal to her party.

However, the compromise has not been enough for the FDP party who are at heads with the government over their family unification policy. The Greens believe the CDU have gone too far and labelled the cap as an ‘arbitrary number’. On the other hand, the FDP continues to log heads with Mrs Merkel and her somewhat liberal views on the matter.

As the parties cannot agree, elections are looking likely. Any votes will go ahead in the next few months. Until then, Angela Markel’s job will continue to hang in the balance.

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