Edinburgh man’s effort to help the homeless this Christmas

This is the fourth year that Edinburgh man Jason Scott will be helping our homeless on Christmas Eve.

Each year, he takes donations from the public to make hampers containing food and items of clothing to distribute to those sleeping rough the night before Christmas.

Jason is hopeful that in the upcoming years there will be a massive decrease of people sleeping on the streets.

Jason, 27, first started this act of kindness in 2013, after a family grievance inspired him to give back to the less fortunate.

He said: “I’ve witnessed people sleeping in graveyards and rough on the streets. Four years ago I took to social media and asked everyone for donations. It was a massive success the first year and we just continued to do it.”

Having previously volunteered in homeless kitchens and soup drives, he knew the extent of the Capital’s homeless epidemic and wished to help more. Mr Scott estimates he has helped around 350 people over the three years.

He said: “People are so thankful and so happy to receive these things. It’s quite a shame because I get back in the car and they’re already in the bag eating, so they are hungry.”

This year he will hand out hot soup in flasks, along with the mini-hampers.

Helping Edinburgh’s homeless has been a popular topic these past few months, with charity Social Bite’s massive fundraising event ‘Sleep in the Park‘ having already raised over £2 million.

Shelter Scotland estimates around 5,000 people in Scotland sleep rough.

Jason is amongst many who are helping on a smaller scale, showing that a little help can go a long way.

The volunteer said: “I’m not a charity, I just want to give something back.

“I don’t do this sort of thing so people give me credit and give me thanks, I do it because I want to see other people happy. I don’t do it for the credibility factor.”

If you would like to donate items or help Jason, you can contact him via his Facebook or email him at jasonpscott28@icloud.com.

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