Edinburgh’s latest vegan fest is a soaring success

Following last month’s ‘Scottish Vegan Festival’, this week Edinburgh celebrated its ‘Ethical Winterfest,’ an exciting festive celebration of all things vegan.

Over 50 stall holders from Scotland and across Europe gathered in the capital to spread vegan awareness over the weekend. The festival invited visitors to explore dozens of stalls, including food, clothing, beauty products, and animal sanctuaries where everything is cruelty free.


Scottish Vegan Festival. Photograph: Leila Wallace

Not only providing a unique opportunity for all to discover a wide range of vegan produce, the festival also hosted a selection of influential speakers including Alexis Fleming, Eva Labuda, and Veganologist Fiona Oatcakes.

Organised by Vegan Festivals UK, this is the third year the festival has came to the capital, after starting in Newcastle. Usually taking place in the summer, this is the first Scottish festival to take place in the winter months.

Organiser Louise Pinchen, however, was thrilled with the turnout:

Usually we host the festivals in the summer but because this was our first one at Christmas time we weren’t sure how it was going to turn out, but it’s been a really good day and really busy.


Testers at the festival. Photograph: Leila Wallace

The festivals are not just for vegans; everyone is welcome, Pinchen told us.

“We aim to give people more information, and make them more aware. I think if people come along they can see all the vegan opportunities that are available,” she added.

We do stress that you don’t have to be vegan or even vegetarian to come along, in fact we’d prefer it if you weren’t, so we can encourage, especially through our talks and workshops to give people information and a fun day out at the same time.

Vegan Festivals UK head to Aberdeen this weekend (November 25th) for their final festival of the year.

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