Minimum alcohol pricing to start in May says Scottish Government

The Scottish government has announced minimum pricing will come in to force on the 1st of May next year.

The new law will raise the cost of the cheapest, strongest alcohol by setting a minimum price per unit.

Scottish Health Secretary, Shona Robison said she hoped the price would be set at 50p-per-unit.

The new minimum would raise the price of the cheapest bottle of red wine to £4.69, while a four-pack of 500ml cans of 4% lager would cost at least £4 and a 70cl bottle of whisky would not be less than £14.

Normal strength cider (5% ABV) would cost at least £2.50 a litre but a super-strength version (7.5% ABV) would have to cost a minimum of £3.75 for a litre.

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